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Name: Ovalice May

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Citizenship:  Solaris

Role:  Blacksmith [if possible]

Appearance:  Her hair is long and matted, so for the most part it’s up in dreads or a high pony. Her skin is dark, as with having to deal with the endless day and working in a smithy all day. She has light green eyes and her hair is naturally dark brown but it’s currently white with pink highlights. She’s got a buff build and an angry attitude when it comes to people and her weapons. She has markings all over her body, one which starts on the lower half of her body and raises all the way up to the top of her hair. It’s a rust colour orange. Next is a series of dots seemingly painted on her body in specific spots, down the middle of her chest, over her shoulders and down over her eyes. Her finger tips are also white inked.

Height: About 5’4. She’s an angry chipmunk.

Weight: Roughly 120

Clothing:  As with tradition with the Solaris culture May barely wears clothes. She has a white pattern bra that is visible through her sleeveless zip up short and short-shorts with a slightly fringe from wear. Because of her work she does wear gloves and shoes, though the gloves are fingerless and the boots are more of a fashion statement.

Family: Clan Ovalice consists of the following:
Grandmaster Ovalice Warshak –Father
Ovalice Matra –Mother
Ovalice Skadi –Sister
Ovalice Cindy –Sister
Ovalice Trainna –Sister
Ovalice Maathieu –Brother
Ovalice Vaden –Brother
Ovalice Atlea -Sister

History: May is the 3rd oldest of seven and the last child born of a set of triplets. Her two older sisters, Skadi and Cindy have very high profile jobs in the military, which when given the option she chose not to join. Her father was the head blacksmith of the military as well as for the trades; since neither of her sisters want to take over for him May decided she would and she would be better than those before her. Trainna was born eight years after her, Maathieu one year after that, Vaden four years after that and Altea was born after a seven year gap. Strangely enough she gets along best with Vaden and Atlea.
He father retired when May was 18 and since then May has been making weapons for the general masses. She mostly makes weapons personally for high ranking people in the military as her father did before her. She know the ins and outs of people’s strength and weaknesses, what weight works for them and how sharp their blades need to be. Skadi carries around a dual-sided scythe with a weight of 3 on one end and a weight of 5 on the other with a sharpness of 12. Cindy uses a great bow with a multitude of arrows ranging from poison tip, to exploding on contact. May has much fun making her sisters new arrows.

Weapons:  She has many, seeing as she makes them but she prefers a Warhammer or her glaive.

Misc.: From working in the fires so long she’s gotten as dark as her father and has to tough up her tattoos on a regular basis to the point that the artist makes her monthly appointments and tries out new inks on her.
She also has a house of her own in the Clan compound where her dog Cerberus stays.
This is my character for :CitizensoftheEclipse: Myki's new group.
Hope they like her!

Clan Ovalice/Ovalice May (c) :Krimskii:
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YokiJane Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how when you make an OC they have like 20 siblings xD
Krimskii Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Lol, too true. Its probably because I have lots of siblings? I dunno, just it feels familiar. And admit it, you like my characters families! They crazy 95% of the time anyways
YokiJane Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yup just like real families with 20 siblings. Its the same, I have 8, maybe more, siblings.
Krimskii Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Damn girl. That's more than I have.
YokiJane Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ya. . . Their all half-blood.
Krimskii Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh. Still though, that's quite a bit
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January 16, 2014